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  Solo traveling is pure bliss. If you’re new to the idea, this may sound outlandish. Imagine planning a trip to your favorite destination according to your own schedules, budget, and interests without having to string neither family nor friends along. No disappointment, no restrictions, no boundaries! Just …

June 19, 2018
How To Survive An Airbnb Stay

  Day 1 in London was like a page out of a haunted traveler’s tale. This particular chapter: Getting Stranded. I don’t even know where to start. Should I remind myself of my first experience? Should I scold myself for not having a plan B or C? Should …

January 28, 2018
Get Some Culture

  What Does #GetSomeCulture Mean and Why You Should Know!   So, if you’ve been following me, then you’ve seen this phrase “Get Some Culture.” If not, then where have you been?? Hopefully traveling and not living under a rock! 😛 So what does it mean? Well, 2017 …

December 22, 2017
My Next Adventure!
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Hey! I'm Adriana. I'm a city girl with a taste to explore the world while seeking to do good. Not too long ago, I left Miami behind for undergrad (Go Gators!) and departed the country for grad school (I ❤ Spain). And, I returned home looking forward to more adventures, stories, experiences, and social impact. Hence, the birth of Travepreneur.
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