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I'm here to help you become an educated, empowered, and volunteer and service-oriented traveler!

Tag along on this journey with me as Travepreneur, Social Do-gooder Traveling the World because:

*We are important players in the global arena and we have a duty to respect, accept, and appreciate the diverse community we live in.

*This isn't your typical travel site where you'll get recommendations on where to travel. We're about to use travel to do some good.

*Travel is evolving. And as it continues to change, I want you along for the ride to learn and educate others. 

Will you tag along?


So, what's the next step to becoming an educated, empowered, and volunteer and service-oriented traveler??

Choose your next step...

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Do you know what it takes to be a Social Do-Gooder Traveling The World? Check out the Story

Hey! I'm Adriana. I'm a city girl with a taste to explore the world while seeking to do good. Not too long ago, I left Miami behind for undergrad (Go Gators!) and departed the country for grad school (I ❤ Spain). And, I returned home looking forward to more adventures, stories, experiences, and social impact. Hence, the birth of Travepreneur.
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