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I am Adriana

A Travel Educator, Speaker, and Author empowering new travelers to see & do good in the world.

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Flight - Will You Be Able To Travel in the Fall?

While many of you might be wondering if anyone is planning on traveling within the next few months, I would propose that you ask, will You Be Able To travel In the fall?” Don’t take this question lightly as there’s so much uncertainty about the future of …

May 28, 2020
Workout - Squat Pose

This post is brought to you by our sponsor, “Always Eat After 7 PM”. The opinions expressed below are my own. I haven’t shared this with you, but I don’t feel like myself anymore. Over the past year, I’ve gained over 20 pounds (really like 50). Truly, …

May 26, 2020
Bear wearing a mask

Face masks aren’t just a style statement. They’re for your health too. So, when I see dozens of people entering a business or the local grocery store without a mask or it sitting on their chin, I want to flip my sh*t  pray for them. Psst…And, I’m …

May 21, 2020
COVID-19 outbreak leaving you unfocused, unmotivated, and overwhelmed?
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Do you want to See & Do Good in The World? Check out the Story

Hey! I'm Adriana. I'm a city girl with a taste to explore the world while seeking to do good. Not too long ago, I left Miami behind for undergrad (Go Gators!) and departed the country for grad school (I ❤ Spain). And, I returned home looking forward to more adventures, stories, experiences, and social impact. Hence, the birth of Travepreneur.
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Travepreneur - Empowering New Travelers to See & Do Good In the World