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*In honor of what this week means, I’ve written this post. We’re headed into a week of celebration, family, and gratitude. I want us all to remember our “why,” our purpose. I hope everyone enjoys their holiday and safe travels to those who are traveling.  Have you served …

November 20, 2018
Solo Travel

If you’re a fan of Law and Order: SVU or Lifetime movies, then you will understand the paranoia around solo travel especially for women. Everyone is promoting solo travel (including me), even with the dangers lurking the streets. This isn’t to send you into a fear frenzy or …

October 23, 2018
Know Before You Go: Your Checklist for Moving Abroad

Those of us on a mission for social good fully understand that many parts of the world need a helping hand. That’s why we often deal with moving from place to place and traveling alone. If you have recently found your calling in another country, the entire moving …

September 27, 2018
My Next Adventure!
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Do you know what it takes to be a Social Do-Gooder Traveling The World? Check out the Story

Hey! I'm Adriana. I'm a city girl with a taste to explore the world while seeking to do good. Not too long ago, I left Miami behind for undergrad (Go Gators!) and departed the country for grad school (I ❤ Spain). And, I returned home looking forward to more adventures, stories, experiences, and social impact. Hence, the birth of Travepreneur.
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