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Updated: 3-24-2020 1:11 PM EST You may be anxious, frustrated, or scared, but being informed and taking the necessary precaution can get all of us through this. However long the coronavirus will last is unknown. Despite this uncertainty, please be safe and remain vigilant.  I’ve provided a …

March 18, 2020
The Black Woman’s Guide to Solo Traveling

Solo traveling is pure bliss. If you’re new to the idea, this may sound outlandish. Imagine planning a trip to your favorite destination according to your own schedules, budget, and interests without having to string neither family nor friends along. No disappointment, no restrictions, no boundaries! Just …

March 17, 2020
Travel safety tips - beach picture

Note from Adriana: Please view the Travel, Health, and Wellness Resource Page for details about traveling during the spread of COVID-19. These tips can serve you best when you resume travel in the Summer or Fall of 2020. Save them for future travel! Travel planned or unplanned, …

March 24, 2020
My Next Adventure!
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Do you know what it takes to be a Social Do-Gooder Traveling The World? Check out the Story

Hey! I'm Adriana. I'm a city girl with a taste to explore the world while seeking to do good. Not too long ago, I left Miami behind for undergrad (Go Gators!) and departed the country for grad school (I ❤ Spain). And, I returned home looking forward to more adventures, stories, experiences, and social impact. Hence, the birth of Travepreneur.
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